Marie Antoinette & The French Revolution 


Axel Fersen

Marie-Antoinette met the young swedish noblemen, Count Axel Fersen , at an opera ball on January 30,1774.So handsome that the english court nicknamed him "the picture",he spoke to her without even knowing who she was,as she was masked.On his part,he thought her "the prettiest and most delightful princess that I know".The english aristocrat,Lady Elizabeth Foster, thought to be one Fersens mistresses herself wrote in her journal that Fersen had been "considered as the lover and was certainly the intimate friend of the Queen for these last eight years.".Even after Marie-Antoinette's death his bond with her was not broken.He kept October 16th as a day of mourning for the rest of his life.

Count Mercy

Florimund,Count Mercy of Argenteau ,the Austrian ambassodor.Was Marie Antoinette's conduit to her mother and major advisor.A bachelor,he lived a splendid lifestyle that included an infamous mistrss,Rosalie Lavassuer.

Duchesse de Polignac

The Cometesse de Polignac ,as she was known when she first met Marie Antoinette,possessed a languid sweetness,calmness,and passivity that convinced many that she without greed,but she went on to amass positions and rewards for herself,her family,her lover,and her husband.Importantly she was not only favorite of the Queen,but one of the few women the Louis XVI liked and trusted.In fact most people liked her company,and she was famous for her delightful laugh.

Princesse de Lamballe

A widow of the heir to the Duc de Pentheivre.Famously pure and unsullied, she was nevertheless accused by the pampheleteers of being Marie Antoinette's lover.A loyal and devoted friend,the princess was not, however, clever, and lost her place in Marie-Antoinette's affections to the much more aumusing and selfish Duchesse de Polignac.Having escaped France during the "reign of terror",the princesse de Lamballe dutifully returned as "a patriotic act and pledge of her inventions" when summoned by the Queen,having made her will in advance.She then refused to denounce the King & Queen,"I have nothing to reply,dying a little earlier or a little later is a matter of indefrence to me.I am prepared to sacrafice my life."