Marie Antoinette & The French Revolution 



Games & Gambling - backgammon , billiards , but especially cards - were all at the range at Versailles.To celebrate Marie-Antoinette's 21st birthday in 1776,se convinced the king to throw her a card party with players imported from Paris to be the bankers.The party went from night of October 30th until 3a.m on November 1st

To Louis Aguste while gambling

"You said we can play,but never specified for how long"

Petit Trianon

It is tradition that the king of France would handover the petit trianon key to his wife after the week of coronation.In the summer of 1780,ten years after her first arrival at Versailles,Marie-Antoinette's focus switched from cards and gambling to amatuer theatricals.Professional acting and singing coaches were imported from Paris,and members of the Queens little circle took he stage.

"These beatiful has always been the retreats of the kings favorites,with these kind words the king has given me the key to petit  trianon."


Marie-Antoinette was a great lover for theater,including opera & ballet.At her first state visit to an opera she burst into applause - against protocol at court preformances.She refused to be corrected in this,urging her ladies to clap with her,and was seen to lead this applaud on for severel occaions.

"I told them it was ridiculous! if you think its good, you should clap !"


Marie-Antoinette's love of pets was not unique at Versailles.Louis XV loved cats and both the Cometesse Du Barry & Princesse de Chimay had monkeys.Madame Elizabeth kept greyhounds,and mesdames Tantes loved spaniels.Versailles was so fulled of animals that foreigners frequently commented on the dirt.

"Among my many dogs,there was Mops!whom I had finally brought from Vienna, and Odin , a gift from Axel Fersen."

Singing & Music

Music was one of the few things Marie-Antoinette knew well at as a child.She played several musical intruments ,but her favorite was the harp,and she played well enough to accompany some of the major composers of her time.

"Mozart had taght me to play the harpischord,and I even played infront of him and other great composers of my time!"