Marie Antoinette & The French Revolution 


Louis XVI's Crown

Despite gestures of econmy in view of the bread shortages(such as not incurring in the expense of not crowing the queen,) a new crown was made for Louis  at the cost of 6000 livres.It was set with rubies,emeralds,and saphire - and the finest known diamond, the Regent.

 Imitation of the kings crown


The household of the Queen of France traditional consisted of about 500 people with salaries that totalled rougly 4 million livres per year.This included her most senior servants - the mistress of the household and mistress of the robes - and extended to the lowest functionaries of the stable,kitchen,and bedchamber.


At the height of its splendor and extravagance,during the reign of the sun king, Louis XIV , Versailles boasted 324 people dedicated exclusively to the perperations of the monarchs food.


The refurbishing of a suite of rooms for the new dauphine had begun 2 years prior to her arrival at Versailles,as soon as the marriage looked likely.However,the apartments were'nt ready when Marie Antoinette arrived and she wanted something more plainer,something simpler established at Versailles style.In the end, she settled for 50,000 livres worth of glided roses and fluer-de-lys,sphinxes holding the arms of France,and a great doubled-headed eagle of Austria looming over the marriage bed.